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Here are some pictures of a typical elementary school in Japan. Which facility interests you the most?

Please click the desired number, and you will see a picture of each school facility listed below

Facility Facility name(in Japanese) Pronunciation
1. Animal cage shiikugoya
2. Broadcasting room housoushitsu
3. Classroom kyoushitsu
4. Computer room kompyu-ta-shitsu
5. Counseling room soudanshitsu
6. Gym taiikukan
7. Hallway rouka
8. Health office hokenshitsu
9. Home economics room kateikashitsu
10. Music room ongakushitsu
11. Restroom otearai
12. School entrance koumon
13. School ground koutei
14. School kitchen kyushokushitsu
15. Shoe box geta bako
16. Swimming pool pu-ru