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Students in Japan need to bring various school supplies in order to study in school. Here is a list of school supplies that students bring to school. Please click those images to get a closer look.

1. (randoseru)
school bag for elementary school students

2. (uwabaki)
slippers worn inside school

3. (odougubako)
school supply box-contains rulers, glue, scissors, compass, colored pencils, crayons, etc.

4. (saihoubako)
sewing box-from fifth grade, students are required to take home economics class. In this class, students learn how to sew, so they need their own sewing box to complete each project such as making bags and aprons

5. (rico-da-, pianika)
recorder and pianica; these instruments are practiced mostly by elementary school students

6. (zoukin)
dust cloth used to clean the classroom after lunch

7. ibousai zukin)
Bousai zukin is a very important tool for students. Usually, they place bousai zukin on top of the chair and use as a cushion, but when an earthquake hits the school, they are required to wear bousai zukin over their head to prevent the head from getting hurt

8. (shuji dougu)
students learn Japanese calligraphy from elementary school. Each student has his/her own shuji set to practice Japanese calligraphy