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Japanese students are given some kind of small duties or jobs to complete in the school everyday from first grade. Through these duties, they learn the importance of responsibility from the earlier stage of their school life. Here is a list of some jobs that students perform at school.



All students in Japan have a job or a duty to complete in the school everyday. For example, all students and teachers clean up their classroom after lunch; janitors do not clean up their classroom! It is usual for students and teachers to do a major cleaning at the beginning and at the end of each term.



lunch duty

For elementary school students, they have kyushoku, meals prepared by school cook.Students bring lunch for their classmates from the school kitchen, and they take turn to serve lnuch to each student and their teacher.They all eat lunch together in the classroom. For middle school and high school students, they go to school cafeteria to eat lunch. When students are on lunch duty, they are required to wear (kappougi). Kappougi is stored inside these white bags. After students finish lunch duty, they are responsible for cleaning kappougi for next lunch duty.



school committee

It is mandatory from fifth grade to take a part in school committee. There is a frequent meeting every week according to each committee. Some committes spend couple of hours after school to plan and to organize upcoming school event hosted by them. Here is a list of committees students take part in:

  • Animal breeding
  • Art
  • Broadcasting
  • Cultivation
  • Ecological
  • Health
  • Library
  • Physical education
  • Recreation
  • School cleaning
  • School lunch
  • Sports


club actibities

From fourth grade to sixth grade, it is mandatory for students to take a part in club activities. In middle school and high school, joining a club is optional. But, it is better to join the club since teachers can comment on student's actvities other than academics when applying to high schools/universities. Taking a part in club activities keeps students busy. Especially for those who belong to sports-oriented club, they practice on weekends as well as summer vacation. There is a wide variety of clubs to choose from. Some interesting clubs include: computer, athletics, science (experiment), cooking, and drama, etc




Students vote for officers in the beginning of the school year. Officers are responsible for planning school events such as "bunkasai," a cultural festival, as well as being open to listen to students' requests regarding school codes. They talk frequently to teachers to discuss students' concerns/requests