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Here is an annual school calendar of schools in Japan.
As you can see from this chart, students in Japan participate in various events throughout the year. Which event interests you the most?
By looking at this calendar, do you see any similarities or differences compared to your school?
calendar may vary slightly according to each school.

Please click on the desired number and you will see a more detailed information of each event.

APRIL 1. New school year begins
2. Entrance ceremony & opening ceremony
3. PTA meeting
4. Physical examination
MAY 5. Spring field trip
6. Open class for parents(once a term)
7. Midterm period
JUNE 8. Cavity prevention day
9. Pool season begins
10. Home visit
JULY 11. End of first term; final exam
12. Summer vacation
SEPTEMBER 13. Second term begins
14. Earthquake drill
OCTOBER 15. School fair
16. Midterm period
NOVEMBER 17. Sports Day
DECEMBER 18. End of second term; final exam
19. Winter vacation
JANUARY 20. Third term begins
21. "kakizome" contest (Japanese calligraphy contest)
FEBRUARY 22. Midterm period
23. School marathon
MARCH 24. End of third term; final exam
25. Graduation & closing ceremony
26. Spring vacation