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supports Japanese Families Of Corporate Members Moving To Overseas:



  • Need Help Adjusting To the Life In Foreign Countries?
  • Confused About Your Child's School Selection In Foreign Countries?

    If So, Let ISEC Assist You And Your Family!
    Our Experienced Staff Are Waiting For You!


Cross-cultural understanding and communication
Overseas life seminar
Education overseas


  1. School selection in overseas
  2. Child education in overseas(language formation period is especially important)
  3. Delivery and child raising in overseas
  4. Educational system in overseas(school life, learning a foreign language, and home education etc.)
  5. Maladaptation in overseas and after returning, psychological counseling, and mental care(we will introduce you to specialized organizations and facilities)
  6. School selection and entrance exam in Japan(from kindergarten to college) after returning from overseas
  7. Correspondence education and cram schools in overseas
  8. Study abroad and training in overseas
  9. Living abroad tip for women
    We accept these types of consultations through interview, telephone, fax, or by E-mail. * INTERVIEWS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY *


Districts include:
- United States of America
- Europe
- Asia
- Other areas

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  • Need Help Adjusting To the Life In Japan?
  • Confused About Your Child's School Selection In Japan?

    If So, Let ISEC Assist You And Your Family!
    Our Experienced Staff Are Waiting For You!


We conduct a wide variety of seminars for cross-cultural understanding purposes both in English and in Japanese. Please contact us by group or by individual bases.

Seminars include:

  • Japanese educational system and philosophy
  • Japanese culture and tradition
  • Japanese way of business in general


  • How to select International schools in Japan
  • How to contact and select Japanese schools
  • How to contact local educational authority in Japan
  • Support for JSL (Japanese as A Second Language)
  • Report card translation (from English to Japanese)
  • How to maintain one's native language (selecting a right language school)

INFORMATION SUPPORT PROGRAM (conducted by request)

  • International schools in Japan
  • Local Japanese schools in the district
  • Japanese private schools
  • Nursery schools and Kindergartens in Japan


  • Support for cross-cultural maladaptation (mental care)
  • Introduce English-speaking hospitals/doctors
  • Shopping (we assist you to find a specific item you are looking for)
  • Housing (we assist you to choose a right housing area considering your childfs school district) etc.

We accept these types of consultations through interview, telephone, fax, or by E-mail. * INTERVIEWS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY *

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Counseling is free for all ISEC members, and fee is required for non-ISEC members. Here is a price list of ISEC consultation fee:

  Corporate Individual
By E-mail, fax or letter FREE FREE 3,000yen - 10,000yen per case
Interview consultation FREE FREE 6,000yen - 10,000yen per hour
Telephone FREE FREE 5000yen per 30 minutes
10,000yen per 30 minutes to 1hour
Consultation during seminar FREE FREE  

Fee for individual membership
Registration fee: 3,000yen (tax notinclude)
Annual fee: 30,000yen (tax not include)

Programs include:

  1. Counseling: educational matters in overseas, school selection, home education, special education, school selection after returning, returnee studentfs entrance exam and transfer
  2. Learning methods how to maintain Japanese/foreign language
  3. Mental care for cross-cultural maladaptation
  4. Information magazine: ISEC newsletter; subscription through internet
  5. School entrance application acquisition (We obtain Japanese middle school, high school, universityfs entrance application for you)
    Please pay application fee, service charge, and international mail fee
  6. Learning support (introduce crams schools and preparatory schools for returnee students)
    introduce other educational courses and correspondence education
    Interview guidance for school entrance examination (students/parents)

Consultations are available through interviews, letters, telephone, fax and by email. Interviews are by appointment only


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For those Japanese students who are interested in studying abroad, we assist you to select an ideal school overseas.


Please contact directly to:

(International Support for Education And Communication)

1402, Shibuya Property Tokyu Bldg. 1-32-12, Higashi Shibuya-Ku,
Tokyo, JAPAN, 150-0011

TELEPHONE: 03-5778-2131
FAX: 03-5778-2132

INFORMATION SERVICE (Please use members' site)
We offer Japanese educational information for returnee students including entrance exam information at any time. You could find this information through ISEC members' site.


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